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Published on February 14, 2018

The Art of Tom Banwell – Steampunk Leather Masks


Steampunk Leather Masks are so cool so brace yourselves, brave souls as we cross the threshold of our everyday and dive head-first into the phantasmagorical reality spilled from the brilliant and playful visions of Tom Banwell! (

A largely self-taught artist and craftsman, Tom’s creativity has taken numerous forms over his lifetime including woodwork and custom resin casting, but in 2008 his love for leather work took center stage. After nearly forty years of playing and refining the craft, he found his true creative voice in the form of leather masks and costume headwear ranging from the simple and elegant to the mind-bogglingly elaborate to delightfully macabre. Utilizing other skills he has learned along the way, such as casting his own molds, he has created an awe-inspiring collection of unique and functional costume pieces.

Well renowned and admired for his special take on Steampunk/Lovecraftian style, his impressive creations have been featured in film, numerous printed art publications, and galleries in Korea, Canada, Netherlands and most recently Oxford University. Idea Fab Labs is so proud to present this culmination of a life of exploration in his first ever solo gallery opening. We hope you can come dream with us. Product - Women's /Mens Retro Bronze Black Plastic & Metal Rivet Steampunk Mask Goggles Cosplay Army Game Gothic Gas Mask Halloween Props

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