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Published on March 2, 2018

11 Winter Must Haves For Men – video


Today, we discuss the 11 must-have items for men during winter season. Winter is one of the best times of the year for clothes, not just because it’s black-tie season, but also because you can layer, that means sweaters, boots, vests, overcoats, topcoats, gloves, scarves, all those things come out of the closet and you can add them up and because it’s cold, you can have a lot more in your outfit than during summer or spring. The first item that every man should invest in is a pair of insulated boots. No, I don’t mean duck boots or similar kind of ugly boots to wear. I mean elegant men’s dress boots but some that are lined ideally with sheepskin so you look dapper but your feet stay warm. Surprisingly, most boots in England and even in Italy are just leather lined and not sheepskin lined so you’ll have to do a little digging to find exactly what you need.

Personally, I have two pairs. One is from Morlands which is a vintage English boot, it is kind of a caramel brown color, and then one in black which looks more like a balmoral boot with a cap toe in black from Shoe Passion. The second thing you need is a warm jacket that is a little more casual than a traditional overcoat. By that, I mean a jacket that is slightly shorter and just reaches past a jacket if you wear it or past your bum. You want the fabric to be as heavy as it can be and quite warm. Sometimes they also come with a lining. Classic options include a pea coat which is what I’m wearing here right now and to learn more about this garment, the different options you have, and anything else you want to know about it, please check out this in-depth video guide here.

Alternatively, if you want to hood but still stay classic, consider a duffle coat and we just made a video about it here. If you live in an area that’s not quite as cold, a quilted jacket may be ideal for you especially if it contains wool because they are warmer than just the polyester filled ones. Personally, I have one with a houndstooth pattern and it’s quite dapper and also warm, at the same time it’s lightweight and it’s perfect for a not so super cold days. The third item you should invest in is some form of headwear. The classic choice would be to go with a flat cap, maybe a fedora hat. You lose a lot of heat through your head and I personally always feel much warmer and cozy with something on my head. To learn more about the different options, please check out our flat cap guide, our Fedora guide, or our other hat guides. The fourth item worth your money is a pair of colorful lined gloves. Lined because it’s cold outside and that extra layer of cashmere wool will keep your hands warmer then let’s say an unlined glove.

Of, course if you’re in a climate where it’s not so cold, an unlined glove is the way to go. While most men today wear black and brown gloves, a pair of colorful gloves not only works with the majority of the things in your wardrobe but it also makes you stand out from the crowd in an elegant way. At Fort Belvedere, we have all kinds of men’s dress gloves in unusual colors such as the grey ones I’m wearing here right now, or the chamois yellow ones, both of them are treated in a certain way so the leather is super buttery soft like a marshmallow.

At the same time, it’s really water repellant and resistant which is quite nice, or if you want, we also have nice burgundy gloves including a pair of touchscreen gloves; they work at a touchscreen just like your fingers so it’s really nice not having to pull off your gloves if you want to use your phone where it’s cold outside. if you want to learn more about gloves before you commit to buying please check out our in-depth glove guides here. The fifth item you should invest in is an elegant somewhat textured or interesting overcoat. Most men today wear a black overcoat, maybe a solid charcoal one, or maybe a solid Navy, and while that’s okay, you can actually get away with different overcoats that have more texture in different colors because that way, they work with more of your outfits.

Personally, I’d go with one for business which usually should consist of somewhat gray, blue, and black tones and ideally, you combine them all in one so you have one coat that works with everything. Alternatively, my favorites, especially from brown overcoats, are tweed coats in bold patterns may be a Donegal tweed with different flecks of color because that way, you can pretty much wear anything in your wardrobe while staying warm and stylish. The sixth item dapper gents should invest in is a dinner jacket. As you know, the winter Christmas season is Black Tie season and because of that, you can wear a tuxedo. But over time, that may get a little boring and if you want to be a little more festive, you can add color you can add velvet dinner jackets.

To learn more about the details please check out our in-depth dinner jacket guide here. The seventh item every man should have in my opinion is a sweater vest. It’s a mix between a vest because it has no sleeves and a sweater because it’s knitted so it’s very flexible, it’s warm, you can wear it with a pea coat, you could wear with a suit, you can wear with a sport coat, and it just always works, it keeps you warm.

If you wear Neck wears such as a tie or a bow tie, I suggest you go with a v-neck because that way you can see it better. The eighth item you want to invest in are distinct winter ties. That means maybe a cashmere tie, a wool tie, and that could be a printed wool challis tie such as the ones you can get from Fort Belvedere. We also have them as bow ties or maybe if you want a little more texture, you could go with wool grenadine. Alternatively a madder silk is perfect for the season because it has these muted earthy tones that are perfect for the fall-winter season. One of my personal favorites for fall and for winter are silk knit ties because they have a crunchy texture, they keep you warm, they’re different, they’re a little more casual than traditional ties, but they just add a different element that makes your outfit interesting and unique. The ninth thing I want you to consider is a robe AKA dressing gown or maybe something shorter such as a TV jacket. When it’s cold outside, it’s likely also colder in the inside of your house unless you like a high heating bill.

Therefore, adding additional layers and adding a dressing gown is perfect for your home because you can comfortably lounge on your couch while watching TV or reading a book all the while feeling very warm. No, a dressing-gown is not the same as a bathrobe. It’s meant to be worn on top of clothes which means the cut is a little roomier and it’s just a wonderful addition that’s elegant and comfortable and casual at the same time to learn more about dressing gowns, please check out our in-depth guide on the website here. The 10th item you should invest in is a heavy knit sweater. Ideally, you skip cotton because it’s not as insulating but wool, alpaca, or cashmere are what you want. If you are not sure what kind of sweater to invest in, I urge you to check out our in-depth video sweater guide here. Last but not least, for eleven, I urge you to wear gold accessories.

Gold is much warmer than silver and it works with the brown tones you wear in your wardrobe, as well with the general season. So maybe you wear cufflinks, a collar bar, or maybe a monk strap shoe. Ideally, try to go with gold items because it just creates a warmer more wintery look. as you can see here my outfit Im wearing a pea coat with gold buttons which make it warm the pea coat is actually a military issue and it’s been a 100% wool it’s quite a rugged and worn and it’s also quite inexpensive you can find them at surplus stores and for under a hundred bucks you get a really warm classic coat and it’s just a really really good workhorse that you can wear a day in and day out I’m combining it with a hundred percent cashmere scarf from Fort Belvedere that’s super soft and keeps me warm you can find it in our shop here and if you want to learn how to tie your scarf please check out this video I’m combining it with gray Hydro peccary gloves that are water repellent and super soft alternatively I could have also gone with the chamois yellow ones my pants are quite thick olive green corduroys which keep me warm and are perfect for winter my boots on the other hand are caramel colored and they’re the old morland boots with the sheepskin lining that keep my feet warm as always I go with over the calf socks in this case from Fort Belvedere they are brown and green so they work with the shoes as well as with the pants to learn more about how to combine shoes with socks please check this in-depth guide here underneath I’m wearing a heavy gauge knit sweater which is a tennis sweater with elements of orange-red and I combined it with a madder silk tie which is vintage in a subtle pattern with some diamonds in green and red tones which are typical for madder silk ties for selection of other madder silk of ties

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