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Published on March 2, 2018

Pairings: Leather Jacket video


If you’re in the market for a ladies leather jacket I recommend in investing in a quality one, mainly because over time, the leather fibers actually break down, making it incredibly soft and it helps mold to our body frame. And between deciding between two colors, brown leather jacket is more casual and effortlessly chic, whereas black is more polished and edgy. But, let’s get to our pairings! This is our first pairing, and this outfit really showcases the versatility of our leather jacket. It’s very casual and easy. We have our comfy jeans, paired with a soft top, And the leather jacket finishes off the look, giving us a very effortlessly chic vibe.

I love, love, love pairing brown with pink. The color combination is very soft and subdued. just very beautiful. This outfit is great for school, great to go run errands and to take a stroll. This is our second pairing. and it’s inspired by the seventies. We have our wide leg pants, and platforms, which are signature seventies style. And if you’re interested in wide leg pants, I really like ones that hit very close to the ground. but not exactly scraping the floor. It helps elongate our legs, making us look taller. Which is what I always need. And the top has a happy floral vibe to add onto our seventies look. And the jacket tops it off, by giving it a more of a modern updated look. And now… Let’s go play in the fountain! And this is our third pairing.

This is one of the things that I love to do in the fall, which is layering. I think the art to layering is playing with complimentary colors and texture. I love playing with olive and brown. it’s a color combination that happens harmoniously in nature. But here we have, we have our brown boots. paired with our olive pants. And on the top, we have a sandwich of olive and brown textures and color, starting with a cardigan. and doing a camouflage textured olive jacket. and of course, our leather jacket finishes it off. But it’s a great outfit to stay warm and chic. Thank you so much for being with me, I hope you had fun. Leather jackets are so versatile, and they’re such a great investment piece. But thank you so much again, and I’ll see you soon on Youtubeland. Product - Brown sheepskin genuine leather jacket women 2016 motorcycle leather clothing spring female korea oblique zipper design Jacket

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